Not everyone wants to be a champion, not everyone wants to be the best… But I do.

In-game, I play to win.

I have a 99th percentile Kills:Deaths ratio among the Destiny Trials of Osiris player population.

I use a mouse on Xbox One, and I recommend it.

I reserve time to review my own gameplay, something I believe is important for making gainz.

I’m a 20-something, but old beyond my years.

I am American-born Chinese. I’ve gone to China many times.

I moved many times growing up, and am an alumnus of four international schools.

I’ve been gaming since the SNES was big.

I’ve had multiple relationships with members of the opposite sex, both casual and committed.

I stream my gameplay as part of my effort to better document my life.

If you’re curious to learn more about the man behind yetieater, I’m not hard to find 🙂