I went out last night to attend an informal meetup of Twitch Texas members at JINYA. I’d been there once before with my dancer friend, but it was my first time having a meal there. I’ll save a review of the experience for my future Yelp profile. Until then, please enjoy this photo of me:

First time at JINYA Ramen Bar, but it felt a little like home #WhatsYourSlurpGame

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I chatted briefly with Mathematic after observing some strange growth numbers on his Twitch channel.

He advised me to join two stream teams, and talked up the benefits of networking with other broadcasters. I poked my head in to take a look, invested a little in general chit-chat, and then turned my attention elsewhere.

I’ve made a note to write a more meaningful piece about stream teams in the future – now is not the time. I’m still exploring.

My Twitch channel has recently seen a couple major spikes in view count thanks to both times, alice_lifts was lifting, which is just as well. I registered for their service the other day after stumbling upon an existing user’s referral link. Chat was active during this most recent session, and I had a good time engaging with viewers, serving as a first-line responder.

One user, D3ath_Angel, hung around in chat for the vast majority of the feature and posed a number of interesting questions. I learned later that D3ath_Angel is the Binx TV Community Manager. D3ath_Angel encouraged me to submit an application for partner, which I did earlier today.

I’ll follow up with any additional developments.

Laying the Groundwork

I’ve been streaming my workouts, and decided on November 20th to transition my battlestation out of my bedroom.

in yetieater v1, I streamed out of my bedroom through my workstation. My workstation was my only streaming rig, and the bulk of my gaming was done on my Xbox One.

After upgrading my father’s workstation, I held onto his old parts, and threw them into a new case: the Thermaltake Core P3 ( I considered migrating my workstation’s internals into the new case when it arrived on August 23rd, but decided against it because my Cooler Master XAF HB was already deeply entrenched within my setup.

The “new” machine lived inside of my home gym as a dedicated streaming machine. I ran it headless, driving it through my mid-2011 MacBook Air using AnyDesk.

I upgraded to dual 1080p webcams for my workout stream on November 4th, and the rig wasn’t keeping up with the workload, so I began running my workstation GPU (ZOTAC GTX 750 Zone Edition, between the two setups. The GTX 750, using NVENC, made quick work of the dual 1080p webcam feeds, allowing me to maintain a stable 1080p30 out to stream.

The air has been growing drier here, and I was getting tired of running the GPU between the rigs. I made a couple of posts through social media letting folks know that I was looking to acquire a new GPU, and to keep me in mind as they were shopping online this holiday season, but I knew that I couldn’t depend on affiliate revenues. I recalled advice given to me by an old friend, “Do the best you can with what you’ve got!” With that, I committed to moving my best hardware to my home gym.

I swapped the internals between the two cases yesterday morning, a task that took me just under two and a half hours.

The metal arms on the Thermaltake Core P3 hold a plexiglass pane, but I can safely run the case without them, so I pulled them for a cleaner look.

Similarly, I pulled the sticker from the PNY SSD.

That’s what I call aging gracefully!

I’ve got to add a few switches and hubs to the setup so that I don’t have to fiddle around in the limited space behind the desk, but I should be ready to rock and roll, soon!

How to Listen to PC and Console at the Same Time

For the longest time, I’d been switching my headphones from PC to my Xbox One. At times I’d join into an Xbox party, then exclaim that I couldn’t hear because I’d forgotten to swap outputs.

I recently fixed all of that by putting use to the Line In jack on my motherboard. Now I can listen to my Xbox One and my PC through the same pair of headphones.

This will come in handy in the event that Xbox party app acts up, in which case I can switch comms over to Discord without a hitch.

To accomplish this, I simply ran a 3.5mm male-male cable from the headphone output of my Turtle Beach EarForce DSS to my PC’s line in jack. The remaining setup takes place on the PC:

  1. Open Sound in Control Panel and select the Recording tab, or right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and select Recording devices
  2. Right click on Line In and select Properties
  3. Select the Listen tab
  4. Check Listen to this device
  5. (Optional) Select which playback device to put to using the drop-down menu

What if I want to output Discord audio to stream? Wouldn’t they hear Xbox audio twice?

Clumsy solution: Mute the capture card from within OBS – requires downtime, may forget to do so
OR VB-Audio Virtual Cable (more details to come)

20171004 Housekeeping and Next Steps

It’s been a long time since I wrote, but I’m in a writing mood today, and I happened to be logged into the backend of

I updated the site a bit. It’s been just shy of one month since the launch of Destiny 2, and you will now find it has its own page and navbar entry.

I’ve updated my donation page to include a section on goals. Additionally, I’ve made some minor adjustments to the homepage.

I’ve had a couple of folks show up during my Destiny 2 livestreams to inquire about my XIM4 settings for that game: I tore myself away from the screen long enough to create a new page detailing my Destiny 2 XIM4 setup.

A lot of folks are still finding their way here through my Destiny XIM4 setup, so I included an intro block to direct them towards my Destiny 2 XIM4 setup in case that’s what they were really needing.

I’ve yet to experiment with XIM4 ballistics curves beyond the ones that I was using in Destiny. I must take some time to play around. This will happen.

Finally, I will be joining the PC master race crowd by obtaining a PC license for Destiny 2, even though my machine is a potato (see below for proof):