Is XIM4 for Me?

I know that the vast majority of gamers playing first-person shooters on console will see significant improvement in their gameplay upon switching to a mouse-aiming setup.

In the world of keyboard + mouse adapters for console gaming, the XIM4 is the best product out there, bar none. This article brings up some points to consider for those thinking about taking the leap.

Before purchasing a XIM4, consider the following:

Setup; where do you game? Adding a XIM4 to your setup requires additional wires. You’ll need to have a controller hardwired to the adapter at all times.

There’s a definite learning curve to using the XIM4, whether it be the keyboard or button bindings or adjusting to the feel of a mouse in a console game. On the product-side, the XIM4 sees continual product improvement through refinements to the game-specific smart translators.

The biggest note for those looking into keyboard mouse adapters for console gaming: the XIM4 and products like it are not a win button. There are definitely areas where a XIM4 user will beat out someone with a controller, and vice versa.

If you’re interested in my opinion on the use of mouse + keyboard adapters in console gaming in general, check out my post here:

Using a Keyboard and Mouse in Console Gaming Isn’t Cheating


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