Welcome to yetieater's hovel!

where the drinks are always reasonably-priced!
(at least I think so!)

I’m not sure how you found your way here, but I’m always curious what brings people around these parts…

You are now at square one. The hovel runs deep, and you’re bound to find surprises as you explore.

I stream many parts of my life in order to better document my existence.

I won’t bore you with too many details – you can learn more about me if you’re curious, but I will share my goals with you here:

My Goals

  • Reduce takeoff speed
    • Sell inventory
  • Increase velocity
    • Grease the groove
  • Take flight
    • I am sitting on enough points and miles to redeem for a round-the-world business-class itinerary, and I can’t wait to take the show on the road!

I’ve got big, hairy, audacious goals šŸ™‚

While you’re here, be sure to sign the guestbook below. Just be aware that I’ll know your IP address, so keep it clean down there!

If you insist on anonymity, check out Private Internet Access. They also offer coverage for Android and iOS devices, so you can stay protected on the go.


  1. Alice

    omgggg i love yetieater he’s the coolest

    • yetieater

      yetieater loves Alice – she’s the coolest šŸ˜€

    • Chevas Samuels

      I like your style. Ya got nice chesticles too!

  2. Lucy Luo

    Oh yetieater! Iā€™m such a fann šŸ˜

  3. Dan

    Hi, yetieater!

    • David

      You know my IP? If you come close feel free to take a 32 caliber to the ass. (:

      • yetieater

        Geolocation through an IP address alone isn’t going to get anyone that close to where you rest at, and I’m not interested in taking a bullet. I trust you aren’t, either šŸ˜‰

  4. Charlie

    Time to get swole

  5. Dank3Meme

    Lit streamer, deserves TONS of Followers and Subscribers!


    Hello! I am here

  7. Jobani

    Seems like a pretty chill guy.

  8. Rick Costello

    The dude Rocks,taking life,running with it.What world this would be if even 1/2 followed his lead.Keep fun ,real and stay happy,you will live 4 ever šŸ™‚

  9. Thomas W Thomas

    Goddammit i typed a fucking comment which the website immediately erased. All I said was I would trade places with Yeti-boy in a minute and with his dog Paul in even less time than that. I so admire the way he has mastered the tricky business of living. By “he” I mean Yetieater.

  10. thomasWthomas

    I’ll reply to myself. Or rather query(!) Myself. Why, Thomas, do you sit there night upon night torturing yourself with hypnotic erotic images of incredibly beautiful YetiGuy? You wouldn’t stand a chance with him even if you were a gawjuss guy, which you ain’t. He refuses to allow for the possibility of same-sex sex, aka sex/sex/sex. I love everything about you, most of all your company –your wry wisdom, your wicked wIt. And your doggy. You’re a helluva brilliant, sweet & forgiving guy. At least I HOPE you’re forgiving after plodding through this voluminous drivel I’ve sent you. Forever, thomas.

  11. thomas

    I can’t get into the chat stream. I can’t join via discord because APPLE has banned me from my own account,. I got hacked & all my personal data got changed, so that I now answer my own security questions ( for proving who I am ) “WRONG”-. I apparently don’t know the name of my best friend or where my parents met or who the fuck I am. It’s a nightmwre; I have been turned into an Orwellian non-person by a dirty rotten corporation. I want to chat with yetieater, dammit. May apple be destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

  12. Thomas W Thomas

    THAT WILD & WACKY genius boy never ceases to AMAZE ME.
    I COULD WATCH HIM FOREVER but am unlikely to live that long.
    Thanks, Dude, for being so generous with yourself. And with
    your dog. šŸ˜‰

  13. Thomas w Thomas

    Better change the site to “Offline.” Who are those other guys who pop up, pray tell? They pop up where yeti oughta be. I have no complaints with the site, and am not entitled to any, that’d be rude. But yeti you keep saying your life is an open camera and then you disappear. And some of us need u. We’re addicted. Bless you, wherever you are …..

  14. Thomas w Thomas

    Oh crap. All this time I thought I was being welcomes to yetieater’s NOVEL.
    Damn. Now my boundless adulationq of Yeti_boy may be fading. On Saturday I heard him say, 3 times in succession, “Im not getting any younger.” Ugh. That would be painfully banal to hear even oncd, but three times only made it seem a hoary ( no, not whorey ) cliche. I live in TERROR that this beautiful young man will suddenly tire of one or all of his 47 (or so) platforms and take a hike. I’d have no choice but to trash the iPad, iPhone & aye-yi-yi if yeti bolts. He is my reason for going online. He is all that I love & everything I love about the Internet & the Internuts who populate it. Help!

  15. Thomas W Thomas

    You’ve driven me insane trying to figure out which video of you at the piano is happening now and which happened yesterday; the picture quality is the SAME. Is it day, is it night, do you like me, do you hate me? All signs in my life point in one direction:. Blow my fuckin brains out. Can I do that with a knife?

  16. thomasWthomas

    This technology is a wonder; you always wonder if it’ll work.
    It’s aLso a MIRACLE — A miracle if you don’t smash it over
    somebody’s head
    Fuck the crooks

  17. confefe1

    you are the coolest, very handsome man on any site, c4, cb. love you and i love staying with the #1 guy on these sites, sex or no. you have a friend here. PS give my best and a kiss to Paul.

  18. . thomasWthomas

    SLEEP QUIETLY AT HIS SIDE ALL NIGHT. I ENVISION HAPPINESS IF ONLY I COULD FOLLOW THAT Rx. (coolest place on earth & i don’t mean frozen like my air conditioned igloo) help me Obi-wan

  19. Thomas w thomas

    ARE U FIGHTING BACK? Dont let them defeat you. These are largely the same no-brains who controlled television and radio before that & the dirty old record business. Don’t let them have the Internet as well. It’s almost too late already …


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