Another full day of live-streaming through my iPhone 7 Plus.

I’ve been using Live Air Solo (iOS, )

This weekend, I’ve streamed myself:

  • preparing calls to action for the pending launch of my business,
  • creating a short video presentation on the XIM APEX that I published on my YouTube channel,
  • pulling away my bedding,
  • digitizing documents to reduce the volume of paper in my home,
  • playing the Final Fantasy VII Main Theme on piano,
  • making my bed,
  • and preparing Huel,

all punctuated by puffs on my e-cig, while maintaining interaction with audience members.

Live-streaming myself throughout the day probably isn’t doing me any favors at this point with respect to my efficiency. At times I catch myself sitting around, waiting for something to happen in chat, and then remind myself that my audience is waiting for me to bust a move.

The need to better organize my space grows more urgent. As I tread through my home, occasionally switching to the back camera to provide my audience with a more intimate look into the everyday life of yetieater, I blush at the multitude of items strewn about that bear my name and address.

The line between yetieater and my flesh and blood self barely ceases to exist.

Thank you to Binx.tv for featuring my channel. It’s the first time that my channel has been featured outside of sessions at my home gym, and I made sure to give the tour to any confused parties.

After I became partnered with Binx, I used the partner tools to generate a 500 BinxCoin Token and a Spin2Win Token. I had an opportunity to give them away for interaction during my last feature, but I was drawing a mental blank, and I couldn’t come up with anything that I wished to ask the audience. In light of that, I’m dropping the 500 BinxCoin Token here:


The broadcast was cut short when my mother called, and I had half a mind to call it a day, but I ended by sharing a story about trying to help a depressed friend find his bearings again. I was reminded of the episode a couple of weeks ago by Cerbia, who had posted a comment on an old Trials of Osiris match.

I still haven’t pulled the trigger on applying for Twitch Affiliate status. I set YouTube to unlist archives of my livestreams a while back to force myself to go through the motions of trimming content prior to publishing it, but a combination of technical hiccups and laziness have thus far kept me from cutting through the accumulated mass of footage that is now residing on my hard drive. All I can think of as I consider that mess: is it worth it?

I remain convinced that viewers who wish to financially support my creative output through subscriptions will find it easy enough to do so through my Gamewisp channel. Until then, I suppose they will have to use their bits to cheer on someone else’s Twitch channel.


I went out last night to attend an informal meetup of Twitch Texas members at JINYA. I’d been there once before with my dancer friend, but it was my first time having a meal there. I’ll save a review of the experience for my future Yelp profile. Until then, please enjoy this photo of me:

First time at JINYA Ramen Bar, but it felt a little like home #WhatsYourSlurpGame

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I chatted briefly with Mathematic after observing some strange growth numbers on his Twitch channel.

He advised me to join two stream teams, and talked up the benefits of networking with other broadcasters. I poked my head in to take a look, invested a little in general chit-chat, and then turned my attention elsewhere.

I’ve made a note to write a more meaningful piece about stream teams in the future – now is not the time. I’m still exploring.

My Twitch channel has recently seen a couple major spikes in view count thanks to Binx.tv: both times, alice_lifts was lifting, which is just as well. I registered for their service the other day after stumbling upon an existing user’s referral link. Chat was active during this most recent session, and I had a good time engaging with viewers, serving as a first-line responder.

One user, D3ath_Angel, hung around in chat for the vast majority of the feature and posed a number of interesting questions. I learned later that D3ath_Angel is the Binx TV Community Manager. D3ath_Angel encouraged me to submit an application for Binx.tv partner, which I did earlier today.

I’ll follow up with any additional developments.