Welcome to yetieater’s hovel, where the drinks are always reasonably-priced!

You may know me as “the yetieater” on Xbox Live (formerly “yetieater az”).

I first started streaming my gameplay in 2015, and have since expanded my content to include visits to the shooting range and regular workout streams from my home gym. I’ve got big, hairy, audacious goals 🙂

I am not gaming so much as present, but I was last playing Destiny 2 on Xbox One and on PC. During Destiny 2‘s content drought, I played Fortnite, and returned to dabbling in Rainbow Six: Siege.

My Goals

  • Q1: Financial independence
  • Q2: Reap
  • Use streaming as a tool to document my life as it happens

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Note: I am not affiliated with the user “yetieater” on Instagram, Reddit, or Xbox Live.