Not everyone wants to be a champion, not everyone wants to be the best… But I do.

You may know me as “the yetieater” on Xbox Live (formerly “yetieater az”).

Although I now use streaming as a tool to document my life as it happens, it wasn’t always this way. I began my journey with broadcasting in 2015 when I began streaming Destiny gameplay on Twitch under the handle ORIGINALyetieater (would you believe someone beat me to my own name on Twitch? what was I thinking… also, could I have possibly done any worse for SEO?), and have since iterated on my channel to expand the programming (I also got the name yetieater back – thank you to the chump who couldn’t stay squatted on it!).

There is rarely a day that goes by where I don’t break something! The name of the game is #fuckitshipit, and I apply this liberally.

The content, captured for posterity on my YouTube channel, moves steadily closer in line with my original vision.

Although I am not gaming at present, the last game I played seriously was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on PC and, before that Destiny 2 on Xbox One and on PC. During Destiny 2‘s content drought, I played Fortnite, and returned to dabbling in Rainbow Six: Siege. I’ve been gaming on again and off again since the SNES was big, and when the time is right, I intend to go back to titles that I didn’t have the opportunity to play in my youth. Folks who have stuck with me through yetieater v1 may know that since I stopped playing on the daily, I’ve made some visits to the shooting range, and began regular workout streams from my home gym.


I used to harbor ambitions of being a professional gamer.

In-game, I play to win.

I had a 99th percentile Kills:Deaths ratio among the Destiny Trials of Osiris player population.

I used a mouse on Xbox One, and I recommend it.

In order to expedite my growth as a player, I reserved time to review my own gameplay, something I believe is important for making gainz.


I am 35 this year, but old beyond my years.

I am American-born Chinese. I’ve gone to China many times, most recently for Chinese New Year 2024.

I’m based in Houston, TX, although I moved many times growing up, and am an alumnus of four international schools (Hong Kong International School, Shanghai American School, International School of Beijing, International School of Kuala Lumpur).

I daily drive a BMW E46 330i, my first car, which I’ve owned since 2008. I picked up my second car in March 2024, a BMW E85 Z4 3.0.

I’m currently single.

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In the future, I want to be a photographer and writer.

If you’re curious to learn more about the man behind yetieater, I’m not hard to find đŸ™‚