Support yetieater

Hi! Thank you for thinking of me!

I’m really grateful to you for being here to read this – only a select few make the leap, and I’m glad that you decided to visit this page!

No matter who you are, or your station in life, there are so many different ways that you can support me along this journey.

Lurk Harder

If you’ve got a desktop computer and sufficient bandwidth, you can help my channels grow by lurking on them – the easiest way to do so is to hop over to my watch live page and to mute the tab.


Public engagements across my social media channels help more than you might think!

Give Your Time

If you love my content, consider donating some of your free time by helping collect its best moments. My content creation efforts benefit immensely from little actions that help speed along the process. The easiest way to do this is to use Twitch’s clipping feature (you can do this on the live broadcast, as well as VODs of previous broadcasts). Clips are retained indefinitely by Twitch, and they are easily shared.

Content on Twitch does fall off after it exceeds its shelf life, which is 60 days for Twitch Prime members like myself. Every little bit of useful data goes a long way towards helping me make the most of that 60 days (and I really need it!).

Give More

You can also contribute to the upkeep of yetieater’s hovel through your economic power. How? Treat yourself, $end ca$h, or do a combination of the two. Whatever you choose, it’s ez!

Oh, and if you’re strapped for time, and funds, don’t worry. I’m happy to help. Just take a look at the free money resources and get some. It’s a gas!

Patrons of yetieater’s hovel

mzmischievous – $750.00
Anonymous – $600.00
HallyuNoona – $356.86
Anonymous – $126.30 – GameScope Elite Kit, Rainbow Six: Siege – Year 2 Gold Edition, Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
aardvarkUK – $105.27
prettyballs2 – $100.00 – Flickr Pro Subscription, iPad Pro 12.9″
Skifurd – $96.80
Straycat72 – $96.80
PhillyLurkTTV – $60.20
Johnny Irvin – $60.00
Kussah – $57.13 – Monitor stand
rettler32k – $50.00
Anonymous – $50.00
Anonymous – $50.00
JagerFractal – $50.00
RevoEighty9 – $50.00
milkow02 – $46.23
Coin Alley – $40.00
teecheer17 – $40.00
MsPowel1 – $40.00
Rick Costello – $25.00
Anonymous – $23.60
ElSolTuyo – $20.00
Anonymous – $20.00
moxietonic – $20.00
Monica Spigner – $19.12
lazerbacon – $19.12
Mzorzky – $17.75
OG CatNips – $14.26
heyphoph – $10.58
Kraft – $10.00
resv – $9.55
CamanoPig – $9.41
Anonymous – $9.26
jprimo1980 – $8.00
BigCrash – $7.66
ShaneTrain – $7.50
wishmynamewasntcolin – $6.00
wesslyboy – $5.97
Deffy Urz – $5.43
mystic_artist – $5.00
mango12390 – $5.00
R3MiX – $5.00
lunatree – $5.00
jBagi – $4.55
ogtroll69 – $4.55
stoned_weeb22 – $4.55
JJGameZ – $1.79
Napawee Sripong – $1.61
OddPancake – $1.00
ChocoKing100 – Sandals
hereicumag – $15 Amazon Gift Card, two leashes for Paul
Marshal Zhukov – Leather holster
Song Areum – water additive, dental chews for Paul

I’m immensely grateful for everyone who contributes to keeping yetieater afloat, and the dream alive.

yetieater is hungry. yetieater needs food.

yetieater is only a man (at times too slow and stubborn for his own good).

Fortunately, keeping yetieater fed is easy: you can support yetieater when you treat yourself (choose yourself!), or when you send cash (and kind)

Donation Goals

I seek to be transparent in my dealings, and this page wouldn’t be complete without a short description of what I intend to do with your monetary contributions:

  1. Cover recurring costs associated with web content generation and gaming
    • Xbox Live Gold costs me $27.06/yr
    • costs me $13.75/yr for the domain, and $60.20/yr in hosting fees
    • Adobe Creative Suite
  2. Pay for improvements to my stream
    • Keep my workstation on a regular hardware upgrade cycle
      • A down-facing webcam to show my mouse movements, mounted to a boom arm
      • Ideally, to keep pace with modern video game titles
  3. Pay for new game licenses
  4. Pay for improvements to my battlestation
    • A quality gaming monitor, preferably curved
    • Ergonomics
      • Monitor arm mount ~$100
  5. Cover my cost of living expenses
    • I’m a simple man, and can live pretty comfortably without much. I’m presently budgeting $1,144.87/mo, before accounting for the items mentioned above. Being able to produce content full-time would be a dream come true!

Treat Yourself

Virtually any site you might shop from has an affiliate program, or you could visit it through a cashback portal if you’re looking to save even more. Bonus points if you double-dip and use a reward-earning credit card! No matter what, I’ve got you covered.

Support yetieater when you shop at – you pay the same great prices and help me out in the process!

Green Man Gaming

The same goes for Green Man Gaming 


MassDrop is a community-driven commerce platform that makes products with input from its members, giving them a place to connect, learn, and shop with people who share their interests. Sign up and find products you’re interested in!

This is a short list for now – if there’s a site that you shop at, let me know, and I’ll make sure to add it to this section!

$end Ca$h (and Kind)

Thank you in advance for any consideration that you can offer. Your direct contributions help me keep the lights on and the pipes fat.

You can send monetary donations through Cash App to $yetieater, Venmo to @yetieater, or PayPal to [email protected] (please mark as gift!)

If you prefer a monthly subscription, you can find me on Patreon here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to purchase me a gift, you can see my Amazon wishlist here. I mean… who knows what I would do with the money, right?

If there is a particular product that you feel I must have but doesn’t appear on my wishlist, just tell me about it, and I’ll either pick it up to kick the tires a bit, or I’ll add it to my wishlist so you can pick it up for me in the event that I’m not yet ready to commit to the purchase.

Additionally, let me know if you’d like to be featured on my donor list, along with any links that you’d like to add