Streaming History

I began my adventure in broadcasting in 2015, and the journey continues to this day.

Like many, the first part of my journey was largely confined to video gaming. I started by streaming to Twitch from my Xbox through the native Twitch app. It was flakey, and frustrating to get working at first, but I soon began capturing individual matches in Destiny so that I might review them.

I acquired my first capture card, an AVerMedia Live Gamer HD, in August 2015. I tried both OBS and XSplit, choosing OBS because I was turned off by the constant upsell nags that I experienced with XSplit.

Leveraging OBS meant that I could now simultaneously broadcast to all the platforms.

When my workstation crashed, requiring a clean wipe, I held off on reinstalling OBS. My capture card went unused, until I began a focused effort to build the yetieater identity in late 2016.

yetieater v1

yetieater v1 was a gamer. During that time, I seldom showed my face, not wanting to deal with having to sync up audio and video. I built up the hovel team, a dysfunctional group, to help me along my journey. After all, teams can make it further than individual agents. I watched my content creation efforts implode after burning out – I can’t even begin to count the number of gaming sessions that I skipped out on because of how desperately I was struggling to keep up with my self-imposed workload.

I stepped away to focus on real life on May 31, 2017, after releasing a good-bye video to the folks who’d joined in to date.

One comment, in particular, stuck out.

yetieater v?

I had my first return livestream on June 26, 2017. True to my word, I avoided diving back into video gaming. I focused on building up the habit of engaging in regular exercise, and used broadcasting as a commitment key.

I expanded the scope of my content considerably, and began moving faster, breaking things in the process.

I began work on designing my lifestreaming rig to take my broadcast out of my home and into the field, and found myself grappling with problems like cellular bonding and LTE data.

I took a leap and experimented with broadcasting to adult cam sites, starting with Chaturbate. My first broadcast there took place on May 29, 2019.