TORQ Snubby EQP402 Review

I ordered a TORQ Snubby ($39.99 Chemical Guys, Amazon) on May 9, 2021, paying $36.19 ATAX on Amazon for a used copy that was listed in good condition. I had been looking for a short pressure washer gun, and had seen the Chemical Guys brand many times in the past. I figured it would be as good a starting point as any for gaining some working familiarity with their products.

When my TORQ Snubby arrived, I was surprised to find it didn’t appear to have ever left the product packaging.

Initial Impressions

Trigger actuation force seemed higher than the gun that was included with my Ryobi RY142300

I liked the inclusion of multiple fittings (1/4″ female quick release coupler, 3/8″ male quick release connector, M22 14mm twist and plug connector) – as promised, they arrived with Teflon thread seal tape applied

In Use

My first time using the TORQ Snubby, I generally enjoyed having the shorter gun to work with, and felt more confident getting up close behind it. I figured the shorter gun would come in handy when reaching for the vehicle’s roof, and my hunch was confirmed.

The second time I used it was when washing my mother’s car. I rigged it up with a set of quick connect adapters (Amazon) and got to work. The quick connect allowed the hose to swivel when the system was not under pressure, making it quicker to get started.

The next day, I felt soreness in my arm, probably from the amount of force required to actuate the trigger and to keep it depressed.

Chemical Guys claims, “the ergonomic design of the Snubby Foam Gun means that you can shoot thick foam without tiring out your hands,” but I found the unit ill-suited for my average-size hands. I think it’s the distance between the trigger and the back of the grip.

Buyer’s Remorse

The well-reviewed MTM Hydro SG28 (MSRP $41.99, MTM Hydro) is available for just $31.49 (Amazon), if you bring your own connectors. Alternatively, it’s available with quick release connectors already fitted for $42.95 (Amazon). Similarly, the MTM Hydro SG35 (MSRP $45.99, MTM Hydro) can be had for $34.99 (Amazon), or $41.95 with quick release fittings installed (Amazon). I ordered both the SG28 and the SG35 so I could compare them side by side against the Snubby, and upon receiving them, I made the decision that the Snubby was going back, but not before I took a peak beneath the covers…


The Snubby’s plastic body was held together by seven Philips screws

There were no noteworthy markings on the plastic to report

You may find it interesting to compare against the torn down SG28

Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, the TORQ Snubby was too fatiguing in use to earn a lasting place here, especially when a few marginal dollars buys markedly better.

It might be for you if you have large hands and routinely break things unintentionally – otherwise, look elsewhere.