Trials of Osiris Lighthouse Runs

yetieater is available to carry you to the Lighthouse for a fee based upon a pricing table which takes into account your individual performance throughout Year 3 of Trials of Osiris. I’m sorry, but you will not find a free lunch here. It’s nothing personal.


Start by joining my Discord server and sending me a direct message there
I will review your statistics with you and work with your schedule to find a suitable time for us to conduct the run
You will need to submit payment through this page before we begin the run

Terms & Conditions

So long as procedure has been followed, you are guaranteed flawless passage. yetieater reserves the right to change price at any time. Refunds will be provided only in the event of non-delivery of services.

If you manipulate your statistics, you will be tarred and feathered. Consider yourself warned.

Compare with… $44.99 $65

Carries are Cool, but at What Cost?