A bevy of adapters exist to bring keyboard + mouse and cross-platform controller support to consoles for a better user experience. I’ve collected information on some of the popular choices available on the market today for your convenience.

Keyboard + Mouse Adapters

These adapters allow you to use keyboard and mouse on your console, and are ideal for first-person shooter games

Brook FPS Sniper

The Brook FPS Sniper (MSRP $149.99) is the latest contender. As of my last visit on January 10, 2017, their official website ( is defunct.

IOGEAR KeyMander

The IOGEAR KeyMander (MSRP $99.95, Also available with a bundled wireless keyboard and mouse (MSRP $124.95,

Mayflash Max Shooter One

The Mayflash Max Shooter One ( is your ticket to cheap and fast keyboard + mouse support for modern gaming consoles. My first adapter was a Mayflash Multimax Shooter (ordered on January 15, 2015).

reasnow Cross Hair Converter

Tuact Venom-X


The XIM4 (MSRP $124.99, is the gold standard in keyboard + mouse adapters for the current crop of gaming consoles. Definitely check the authorized retailer for your country alongside the Amazon product page through the XIM Technologies Shop.


Announced on New Year’s Day 2018 (OBsIV’s XIM Development Blog).

Cross-platform Adapters

Also called cross-over adapters, these adapters allow you to use a wider range of controllers on your console. Buy one if you’d like to use a PS4 controller on Xbox One, or vice versa.

ConsoleTuner Titan One

The ConsoleTuner Titan One (

CronusMAX Plus

The CronusMAX Plus ( is essentially the same as ConsoleTuner’s product


The XIM4 (MSRP $124.99, pulls double duty as a cross-over adapter. See the note on the XIM4 above.