Message to Trolls

I knew that I was doing something right with my stream when the trolls began appearing in chat.

A pair insinuated that I eat dogs during one of my early forays into Rainbow Six: Siege… As if this tripe could faze me! I wasn’t born yesterday, dumbass. Any person of Asian descent living in the west knows what it feels like to be categorized as the other, and has likely had substantial experience dealing with racial stereotypes. Those unoriginal toolbags couldn’t touch me.

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t feed trolls, so I disengaged as soon as I saw them for what they were. After I concluded my stream, I went through my chat logs, and swiftly blocked and reported their accounts.

This type of low-level racially-motivated trolling has occurred time and time again throughout my experience as a broadcaster, and I can count on it continuing for the foreseeable future. I’ve thought about making a yetieater vs. trolls highlight reel, but I digress.

If you’re a troll, give this article a read. Maybe this will be you in some years. Learn from other people’s experiences – it’ll make your life a lot easier.

As I deal with more trolls, I have come to the understanding that a number among them are self-aware enough to realize that their behavior does little to improve their own quality of life. I know some among you are reasonable. Life’s got its ups and downs, and I get it.

I’m willing to level with you if you’re willing to be straight with me. It’s simple.

Just know this…

And if you read through all of this, but you’re still firmly decided to stay the course…

Until then, stay the fuck out of my chat, and have fun making new accounts as your old ones get banned. I’ll enjoy your presence in helping me rise on the various directories while you bust loads into Kleenex before bed at night, wishing someone would love you for the beautiful person you really are inside.

In closing, remember this: you get what you give.