A bevy of adapters exist to bring keyboard + mouse and cross-platform controller support to consoles for a better user experience. I’ve collected information on some of the popular choices available on the market today for your convenience.

Keyboard + Mouse Adapters

These adapters allow you to use keyboard and mouse on your console, and are ideal for first-person shooter games

Brook FPS Sniper

The Brook FPS Sniper (MSRP $149.99) is the latest contender. As of my last visit on January 10, 2017, their official website ( is defunct.

IOGEAR KeyMander

The IOGEAR KeyMander (MSRP $99.95, Also available with a bundled wireless keyboard and mouse (MSRP $124.95,

Mayflash Max Shooter One

The Mayflash Max Shooter One ( is your ticket to cheap and fast keyboard + mouse support for modern gaming consoles. My first adapter was a Mayflash Multimax Shooter (ordered on January 15, 2015).

reasnow Cross Hair Converter

Tuact Venom-X


The XIM4 (MSRP $124.99, is the gold standard in keyboard + mouse adapters for the current crop of gaming consoles. Definitely check the authorized retailer for your country alongside the Amazon product page through the XIM4 Shop.

Cross-platform Adapters

Also called cross-over adapters, these adapters allow you to use a wider range of controllers on your console. Buy one if you’d like to use a PS4 controller on Xbox One, or vice versa.

ConsoleTuner Titan One

The ConsoleTuner Titan One (

CronusMAX Plus

The CronusMAX Plus ( is essentially the same as ConsoleTuner’s product


The XIM4 (MSRP $124.99, pulls double duty as a cross-over adapter. See the note on the XIM4 above.