Destiny 2

I took part in the early access console beta, as well as the open beta on PC, playing all three classes. I now maintain accounts on Xbox Live and

Destiny 2 on the PC was an interesting experience: I predicted that keyboard + mouse players would dominate the field, but found adept controller players performing very well thanks to aim assist. This is an interesting case of controller outperforming keyboard + mouse. The XIM4 on the PC is said to be an excellent experience, and I intend to explore this option further.

I drafted some preliminary thoughts on Destiny 2 after playing it for the first week – I’ll expand a bit below.

I am pleased that Bungie have removed RNG from weapon acquisition in Destiny 2. I would have preferred a more in-depth weapon crafting system through Banshee-44, but I understand that Bungie aims to make Destiny an approachable shooter. Bungie designed Destiny 2 to be more rewarding for casual players by limiting the utility from having multiple characters of the same class, and by making Trials of the Nine a Power-Level disabled activity.

I prefer Destiny PvP over PvE, and enjoy the company of strong PvP players and those looking to git gud. I find that players who are skilled in the Crucible are often more effective in raids.

Destiny Serious Business has grown with renewed interest in Destiny. I’m always looking for the right people to join me – come see what we’re all about!