Warlock Armor Sets

This page details the various warlock armor sets in Destiny 2 and how to obtain them:

Mobile Warlock Armor (Mobility)

Min-Max 9/0/4 (All Nodes on Mobility)
Ankaa Seeker IV (Exchange Crucible Tokens with Lord Shaxx in the Tower)
Optimacy (Tess Everis – Eververse)
Sovereign (Exchange New Monarchy Tokens with Executor Hideo of New Monarchy in the Tower Bazaar)

Heavy Warlock Armor (Resilience)

Min-Max 0/7/6
Channeling (Exchange Trials of the Nine Tokens with the Emissary at The Third Spire)
Focusing (Rewarded for flawless Trials of the Nine passage)
High-Minded Complex
Lost Pacific (Exchange Arcology Tokens with Sloane on Titan)
Wildwood (Exchange EDZ Tokens with Devrim Kay in Trostland, EDZ)

Restorative Warlock Armor (Recovery)

Min-Max 0/3/10
Exodus Down (Exchange Nessus Tokens with Failsafe in the Exodus Black on Nessus)
Fulminator (Exchange Emperor Calus Tokens with Benedict 99-40 in the Tower Bazaar)
Heiro Camo
Simulator (Exchange FWC Tokens with Lakshmi-2 of Future War Cult in the Tower Hangar)