There are many compelling reasons to switch away from a controller where better choices exist, but if you insist on holding onto your controller, look into controller modifications and add-ons to improve your gaming experience.

Xbox One

Controller Accessories


KontrolFreeks increase the range of motion of the thumbsticks by increasing their height, thereby granting the user enhanced control. Offered in three different lengths. (Shop KontrolFreek on

  • Protects analog stick covers
  • Extends analog sticks for greater precision

Controller Mods

Extended right trigger – Battle Beaver Customs

Enhanced Controllers

Microsoft Elite Controller

The Microsoft Elite Controller for the Xbox One (MSRP $149.99, was designed with input from competitive gamers to address shortcomings with the stock controller.


Before the Microsoft Elite Controller, SCUF had established itself as a household name amongst gamers. The company offers a menu of customization options.