Home Gym

I work out in my home gym, which was pieced together starting in Q3 2013.

Rack: PowerLine PPR200X

The PowerLine PPR200X (Amazon.com) is functional and features saber-style safeties

Bench: Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0

alice_lifts ordered a Rogue Flat Utility Bench 2.0 ($179.50, Rogue) because the former bench was too high

Bar: Rogue Ohio Power Bar

alice_lifts ordered a Rogue Ohio Power Bar ($265.00, Rogue) because the outgoing bar wasn’t up to snuff

Weights: CAP Barbell Olympic weight set


Spud Inc. Dip Belt (~$40, Amazon.com)

Why a Home Gym?

Because I don’t have any friends KappaHD

    1. Less time and distance between you and the gym
      • Fewer miles to travel = savings that you can invest towards gear.
      • Fact: we spend enough time in our cars.
      • Fact: most automobile accidents occur within a limited radius of our homes.
    2. You control the environment
      • No peak hours, no bad music, no New Year’s rush, no rules that you didn’t set. No bros doing curls in the squat rack. No putting up with that one guy who moans like a dying giraffe after each successful rep. Unless you want all of that.
    3. You own something real
      • Let’s say you hop on the treadmill like so many others, intent on hitting the weights and on re-sculpting your body. With the gym membership, you’re paying for a whole host of niceties, some of which contribute zero value to your experience. There may be a swimming pool, but there’s a fat lot of good that will do you if you aren’t a swimmer already. When you own your own gym, you are constantly reminded of it. To decide not to put it to use is a drain on whatever money you have invested in acquiring it. Unlike the gym membership, however, you have something tangible that can be liquidated, and there’s a surprisingly large market for used exercise equipment.