My Rainbow Six Siege XIM4 Setup

This page is evergreen. That means you can always find my current Rainbow Six: Siege XIM4 config here.

The hardware and the unique settings that I am currently using on the XIM4 for playing Rainbow Six: Siege follow:

In-Game Settings

I use the recommended in-game settings ( – they are reproduced below for ease of reference

Vertical Sensitivity: 100
Horizontal Sensitivity: 100
Left Stick Deadzone: 10 (Default)
Right Stick Deadzone: 10 (Default)
Aim Down Sights: 100

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

(MSRP $79.99,
DPI: 12,000
Polling Rate: 1,000 Hz
Hip Sensitivity: 11.50
LMB: Shoot
Scroll Up: Melee
Middle Click: Tilde (Player Highlight)
Side Scroll: Tab (Switch Weapon)
G4: Q (Generic Gadget/Secondary Gadget)
G5: E (Unique Ability/Primary Gadget)
G6: R (Reload / Interact)
G7 + G8: Super Macro (Q+E), defined in Logitech Gaming Software
G9: Switch Profile


Aim Down Sight Sensitivity: 6.00
G4: Q (Sprint)
G5: E (Melee)

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

Analog Stick: Movement
Analog Stick In: Sprint
L1: B (Change Stance)
L2: A (Vault/Navigate)
X: Scoreboard
O: Game Menu (Options & Info)
PS button: Xbox button


Movement: WASD
Walk: Capslock
Melee: E
Sprint: LShift
Grenade: Q
Vault: Space
Crouch: LCtrl
Reload / Interact: R
Switch Weapons: Tab
D-Pad: Arrow Keys
Game Menu: Enter
Scoreboard: T
Xbox Menu (Guide): Esc

Ballistics Curves

After perusing the XIM4 forums, I decided to remove ballistic curves from my Rainbow Six: Siege config. Rainbow Six: Siege does not have aim assist in multiplayer, so it made sense to remove the curves.

Additional Notes

on DPI settings with the XIM4…
XIM4 User Manual (PDF) states: “Make sure your mouse is running at its maximum DPI”

on Left Stick Deadzone for keyboard users…
The left stick deadzone won’t have any effect on your config unless you are planning to have a walk key bound on your keyboard

If you are using the walk key, the left stick deadzone can be adjusted to allow faster or slower movements when walking. 5% is the lowest you can set the deadzone, and this will result in the fastest walk speed in game. Setting it to 29% will result in the slowest walking speed. Setting it any higher than 29% will disable the walk key from working.

– Timmie3054 (OP

Historical Settings

I previously used havoxxx’s ballistic curve (Rainbow Six Siege Curve 9.22.16v2.0) for both Hip and ADS.

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<


Set Y/X Ratio to 0.85


Set Y/X Ratio to 1.25

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