Shadowbanned on Twitch?

It appears I may be shadowbanned on Twitch

artificialintelligence brought this to my attention towards the end of the session on Thursday, July 30, 2020, at 4:52PM. He noticed that my channel wasn’t appearing on his Followed Channels sidebar, and it wasn’t appearing in the search results for “yetieater” on Twitch

Research suggested

  1. It may be a thing
    1. Jenna on Twitch
  2. It may just be a technical hiccup

I sent out a test stream at 6 Mbps, but didn’t notice any changes during the test

Other signs things weren’t right:

Chatty indicated my stream was offline even though it clearly wasn’t

Viewerstats (every 30 minutes?) – reliable canary?

Looking back over the data, it appears that something happened on the evening of July 28. From that time onward, views from Twitch are floored, with zero originating from Browse

Third party Twitch tracker stopped collecting data on my channel

The situation began resolving itself as of the session beginning at 8:41PM on Tuesday, August 4, and as of the session beginning at 10:05AM on Wednesday, August 5, I’m once again seeing traffic from Twitch’s Browse Page