Daisy Powerline 880 Accuracy Testing with BBs

I took my Daisy Powerline 880 (Amazon.com) outside with some BBs to sight in my Daisy 4×15 scope (Amazon.com), simultaneously testing out my new pellet trap. I set the target approximately 15 feet from my position, and got to work

After five shots at Target 1, I felt the scope was fairly well dialed in, and moved on to my remaining targets

Targets, labeled in the order that I shot them

I observed some fliers: I suspected this may be because I exerted some pressure on the barrel shroud, but I won’t draw any conclusions at this time

I also observed some play in the pump lever that caused the forearm to lift slightly from the receiver

Target 2
Target 3
Target 4
Target 5

Fliers aside, my copy is shooting to spec: accuracy of one inch for five shot group of BBs from 15 feet, six pumps each shot (page 19 of old service manual)

I’ll revisit the accuracy of my Daisy Powerline 880 after I receive the pellets I ordered, Crosman’s Pointed, Premium Grade Lead Airgun Pellets (I got them on Amazon.com for $3.30 for a 250-count tin)