I Started Playing Hearthstone

I began playing Hearthstone on my iPhone 7 Plus the other day.

Some initial observations:

  • The game offers a very consistent UX across tested platforms (Windows 10 + iOS)
  • High engagement – one gets the sense that there is immense depth to the game
  • Simple concept combined with solid execution give it lasting value

I thought to ping my cousin, and learned from her that Battle.net has regional game servers. This detail was one that I’d probably picked up in the past, but it has been a while since I last played a Blizzard game. Her account is tied to Battle.net’s China server: I was surprised to find that China is an exclusive region, and isn’t included in Battle.net’s Asia region. Probably political reasons behind this move.

So far I’ve played a fair amount of Quick Play, and dabbled in Ranked. I started the game by leveling the Mage class, experimenting with new cards that I received through free booster packs. I also played with a couple of basic netdecks, using one to secure my first win in Tavern Brawl (February 15, 2017).

The game has been around for years, and there is a massive body of knowledge. Now that I’ve gotten a taste, I’d like to work on getting my gameplay airtight, with hopes of joining the infinite Arena players.