I went out last night to attend an informal meetup of Twitch Texas members at JINYA. I’d been there once before with my dancer friend, but it was my first time having a meal there. I’ll save a review of the experience for my future Yelp profile. Until then, please enjoy this photo of me:

First time at JINYA Ramen Bar, but it felt a little like home #WhatsYourSlurpGame

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I chatted briefly with Mathematic after observing some strange growth numbers on his Twitch channel.

He advised me to join two stream teams, and talked up the benefits of networking with other broadcasters. I poked my head in to take a look, invested a little in general chit-chat, and then turned my attention elsewhere.

I’ve made a note to write a more meaningful piece about stream teams in the future – now is not the time. I’m still exploring.

My Twitch channel has recently seen a couple major spikes in view count thanks to Binx.tv: both times, alice_lifts was lifting, which is just as well. I registered for their service the other day after stumbling upon an existing user’s referral link. Chat was active during this most recent session, and I had a good time engaging with viewers, serving as a first-line responder.

One user, D3ath_Angel, hung around in chat for the vast majority of the feature and posed a number of interesting questions. I learned later that D3ath_Angel is the Binx TV Community Manager. D3ath_Angel encouraged me to submit an application for Binx.tv partner, which I did earlier today.

I’ll follow up with any additional developments.